Expert Media Contributor, Speaker, Author, Futurist. A market analyst with more than 30 years of global experience, Keith is one of very few experts to correctly see both the dot.bomb crisis and the ongoing financial crisis coming ahead of time and one of even fewer to help hundreds of thousands of investors around the world successfully navigate them both. He will fire up your audience to think about things in ways they’ve never considered. His lively, no-nonsense style resonates with investors, business leaders, university audiences and people of all ages interested in building a better, safer, more confident financial future. You won’t believe what he sees next!

How do YOU handle the markets?

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Keith Fitz-Gerald has shared the stage with some of the most notable and inspirational financial speakers of our time including Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, Barry Ritholtz, Jon Najarian, Frank Holmes, Bill Bonner, Peter Schiff, Frank Trotter, Dr. Mark Skousen, Alex Green and more.

His speaking engagements span the globe with presentations at investing conferences, corporations, governmental agencies, educational institutions as well as organizations like Mensa and the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

Attendees call him inspirational and a breath of fresh air. He regularly receives “best of” ratings that affirm his popularity as a global business communicator.

Media Appearances

Keith regularly appears on leading financial shows such as Varney & Co, Cavuto and CNBC's Closing Bell. His articles connect with hundreds of thousands of readers a day and his media appearances with a million or more every month.

Events & Products

The Money Map Report

Keith draws on more than 30 years of experience to help nearly 50,000 subscribers navigate the world’s complicated financial markets and build lifelong wealth. Money-back guarantee.

Money Morning

Join the family of more than 500,000 subscribers in 30 countries who value Keith’s perspective and counsel. Learn what it really takes to profit in today’s markets. FREE.

Fitz-Gerald Research Analytics

Consultancy services to the international financial community, governments and corporations that fuse perspective, experience and insight into actional intelligence.


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